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Quotations Subjects


Ability quotes(30)
Abortion quotes(3)
Absence quotes(10)
Abstinence quotes(6)
Absurdity quotes(6)
Abuse quotes(5)
Academic quotes(1)
Accidents quotes(7)
Accomplishment quotes(16)
Accountability quotes(16)
Accounting quotes(1)
Accuracy quotes(8)
Achievement quotes(34)
Acting and Actors quotes(29)
Action quotes(135)
Activism quotes(5)
Adapt quotes(6)
Admiration quotes(8)
Adolescence quotes(3)
Adultery quotes(12)
Adulthood quotes(2)
Adventure quotes(5)
Adversity quotes(11)
Advertising quotes(18)
Advice quotes(40)
Affection quotes(10)
Affliction quotes(10)
Africa, Afrikaner and Afrikaans quotes(1)
Age quotes(90)
Aggression quotes(4)
Agitation quotes(3)
Agreement quotes(9)
Aim quotes(5)
Alcohol and Drinking quotes(18)
Alienation quotes(5)
Ambiguity quotes(4)
Ambition quotes(43)
America and Americans quotes(88)
American History quotes(10)
Amiability quotes(4)
Amusement quotes(12)
Ancestry quotes(17)
Anger quotes(41)
Animals quotes(16)
Anticipation quotes(7)
Anxiety quotes(10)
Apathy quotes(13)
Appearance quotes(10)
Appetite quotes(3)
Argument quotes(23)
Aristocracy quotes(10)
Art quotes(67)
Assassination quotes(7)
Atheism quotes(26)
Attitude quotes(19)
Authority quotes(16)
Automation quotes(4)
Autumn quotes(2)
Avarice quotes(6)
Average quotes(4)
Awareness quotes(9)


Baby quotes(4)
Bachelor quotes(9)
Baths quotes(5)
Beauty quotes(38)
Beginning quotes(2)
Behavior quotes(8)
Belief quotes(27)
Bible quotes(13)
Bigotry quotes(6)
Birth quotes(9)
Blind quotes(6)
Blood quotes(9)
Blush quotes(4)
Body quotes(7)
Boldness quotes(9)
Books quotes(38)
Boredom quotes(6)
Borrowing quotes(7)
Boys quotes(9)
Brevity quotes(12)
Brotherhood quotes(7)
Bushisms quotes(14)
Business quotes(6)
Busyness quotes(6)


Calamity quotes(4)
Candor quotes(9)
Capitalism quotes(3)
Cats quotes(9)
Cause quotes(10)
Caution quotes(6)
Censorship quotes(6)
Censure quotes(6)
Ceremony quotes(2)
Certainty quotes(6)
Change quotes(14)
Character quotes(12)
Charity quotes(12)
Charm quotes(2)
Cheerfulness quotes(10)
Children quotes(31)
Choice quotes(5)
Christianity quotes(5)
Church and State quotes(3)
Citizenship quotes(8)
Civilization quotes(12)
Class quotes(6)
Cleverness quotes(8)
Clothes quotes(13)
Coins quotes(6)
Committee quotes(3)
Common Sense quotes(11)
Communication quotes(4)
Communism quotes(9)
Compassion quotes(2)
Complaint quotes(12)
Compromise quotes(12)
Computers quotes(16)
Confession quotes(5)
Confidence quotes(4)
Conflict quotes(1)
Conformity quotes(9)
Congress quotes(4)
Conscience quotes(9)
Conservation quotes(3)
Constitution quotes(10)
Contentment quotes(8)
Contrast quotes(3)
Conversation quotes(9)
Country quotes(13)
Courage quotes(19)
Court quotes(2)
Courtesy quotes(16)
Cowardice quotes(13)
Creativity quotes(4)
Credit quotes(10)
Credulity quotes(7)
Crime quotes(23)
Crisis quotes(5)
Criticism quotes(10)
Critique quotes(2)
Cruelty quotes(6)
Culture quotes(8)
Curiosity quotes(7)
Custom quotes(15)
Cynic quotes(6)


Danger quotes(10)
Dark Ages quotes(1)
Death quotes(34)
Debt quotes(21)
Deceit quotes(6)
Decency quotes(2)
Decision quotes(4)
Defeat quotes(13)
Defense quotes(3)
Delusion quotes(2)
Democracy quotes(48)
Dependence quotes(3)
Desire quotes(8)
Despair quotes(8)
Destiny quotes(6)
Diamonds quotes(3)
Difference quotes(6)
Difficulty quotes(4)
Dignity quotes(7)
Diligence quotes(7)
Diplomacy quotes(13)
Discontent quotes(7)
Disease quotes(11)
Dishonesty quotes(6)
Dissent quotes(4)
Distrust quotes(4)
Doubt quotes(10)
Draft quotes(3)
Dreams quotes(28)


Earth quotes(9)
Economy quotes(15)
Education quotes(32)
Efficiency quotes(7)
Effort quotes(7)
Emotion quotes(3)
Enemy quotes(11)
Enjoyment quotes(2)
Error quotes(7)
Evolution quotes(7)
Excile quotes(6)
Experience quotes(12)
Extravagance quotes(5)
Extremes quotes(6)
Eye quotes(4)


Faces quotes(1)
Facts quotes(8)
Failure quotes(8)
Faith quotes(7)
Fame quotes(12)
Familiarity quotes(7)
Family quotes(12)
Fantasy quotes(6)
Fidelity quotes(3)
Finance quotes(9)
Firmness quotes(7)
Flattery quotes(10)
Fools quotes(8)
Force quotes(7)
Forgiveness quotes(9)
Fortune quotes(6)
Fraud quotes(5)
Freedom quotes(33)
Friendship quotes(54)
Future quotes(6)


Gain quotes(5)
Gallantry quotes(4)
Generosity quotes(8)
Genius quotes(14)
Gentleman quotes(3)
Girls quotes(3)
Glory quotes(6)
Glutton quotes(6)
God quotes(28)
Gold quotes(5)
Gossip quotes(17)
Government quotes(27)
Grace quotes(6)
Gratitude quotes(9)
Grave quotes(7)
Gravity quotes(5)
Greatness quotes(5)
Greed quotes(3)
Grief quotes(4)
Guests quotes(4)
Guilt quotes(10)


Habit quotes(16)
Hair quotes(8)
Happiness quotes(68)
Haste quotes(6)
Hate quotes(30)
Health quotes(21)
Heart quotes(12)
Heaven quotes(13)
Hell quotes(12)
Help quotes(18)
Heredity quotes(10)
Heroes quotes(22)
History quotes(66)
Hobbies quotes(3)
Home quotes(29)
Honesty quotes(17)
Honor quotes(12)
Hope quotes(29)
Hospitals quotes(2)
Housework quotes(5)
Human Nature quotes(18)
Humanity quotes(20)
Humility quotes(6)
Humor quotes(29)
Hunger quotes(13)
Husband quotes(19)
Hypocrisy quotes(26)


Ideals quotes(14)
Ideas quotes(24)
Idleness quotes(19)
Idols quotes(5)
Ignorance quotes(34)
Illness quotes(2)
Illusion quotes(9)
Imagination quotes(19)
Imitation quotes(13)
Immortality quotes(15)
Impatience quotes(1)
Impossibility quotes(11)
Improvement quotes(8)
Inaction quotes(5)
Inconsistency quotes(5)
Incredulity quotes(4)
Indecision quotes(4)
Independence quotes(8)
Indifference quotes(3)
Individuality quotes(9)
Industry quotes(7)
Inequality quotes(7)
Inferiority quotes(8)
Inflation quotes(10)
Influence quotes(8)
Ingratitude quotes(9)
Inheritance quotes(8)
Injury quotes(9)
Injustice quotes(7)
Innocence quotes(11)
Insanity quotes(11)
Insomnia quotes(4)
Instinct quotes(11)
Insult quotes(10)
Intelligence quotes(20)
Interest quotes(6)
Intolerance quotes(3)
Invention quotes(7)
Irony quotes(4)


Jargon quotes(4)
Jazz quotes(2)
Jealousy quotes(17)
Jesting quotes(5)
Jobs quotes(6)
Journalism quotes(19)
Justice quotes(1)


Lawyers quotes(7)
Lies and Deceit quotes(2)
Life quotes(5)
Light and Darkness quotes(19)
Literature quotes(1)
Love quotes(5)


Marriage quotes(5)
Military quotes(1)
Money quotes(23)
Music quotes(10)


Nature quotes(10)
News quotes(3)


Peace quotes(2)
Politics quotes(18)
Power quotes(1)
Pray quotes(1)
Press quotes(4)
Prison quotes(5)
Public Speaking quotes(26)


Quotations quotes(11)


Religion quotes(7)


Science quotes(2)
Sex quotes(2)
Space quotes(6)
Sport quotes(1)
Stupidity quotes(11)
Success and Failure quotes(4)
Swords quotes(6)


Taxes quotes(4)
Technology quotes(1)
Truth quotes(2)


Violence quotes(2)


Warning quotes(6)
Wisdom quotes(24)
Woman quotes(1)
Words quotes(1)
Work and Workers quotes(10)
Writing quotes(15)


Youth quotes(12)


Zest quotes(4)
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