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About - And I "Quote"

about Some people collect stamps, some coasters, and some even stones. Some people collect quotations.

Through the years, I collected a lot of quotes. Some of them stored in text files, some on other attempted websites, some in spreadsheets, some in word documents.

After searching for several ways to sort these quotations for easy access, I finally created a database with information about the authors, dates and sources for quotations, subjects for each quote and whatever other information I could get my hands on.

And suddenly, when my database was almost finished, but not yet populated, I decided to create a new website to store these quotations.

A quick search on the internet listed a couple of already similar websites, but none of them offering exactly what I had in mind.

And so, was born. Iím sure this will be an ongoing project, adding new functionality, making things more accessible and so forth.

About Copyright

copyright As far as I know, most of these quotations qualify as "fair use" under copyright law. So feel free to use them (as long as you credit the original author). As I received some quotations via email, some on websites, some from books, it is not always possible to determine copyright.

If however you find a quotation that is copyrighted, or wrongly quotes, please inform me! I will fix / remove it immediate.

For all complaints or enquiries, email me at the following address:

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